Advisory board

Below you will find our advisory board!  They chose to reimagine the future with us.


Olivier Gillerot

Olivier was a managing director leading Accenture’s Financial Services practice in France and Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands).

He helps client organisations within the Financial Services sector develop and deliver large-scale, multi-year digital and business transformation programmes that foster innovation, boost performance and strengthen growth.

Katya Vladislavleva

Katia is CEO at, a unique augmented analytics platform, which turns data with too many factors of unknowns significance into actionable data stories.

Her main focus is on helping enterprises streamline their business performance management through data-driven innovation and help them turn their data into the asset it should be.

Cédric Pierrard

Cedric is the CEO of Efficy a company active in CRM business employing 200 people in Western Europe.
Adaptability is one of Cedric’s first quality while his focus on result makes him efficient in any organization.

Bruno De Greef

Bruno was a  senior executive / managing director in strategy consulting eager to drive / help organisations to maximize their positive impact on society while creating economic value.

He is also a passionated and specialized in digital strategy and vision, new business and operating model design, M&A, growth strategies value Driven business transformation, corporate strategy, for-profit / non-profit convergence and smart cities strategies.


Coached by Sirris


Peter Verhasselt
Omar Mohout