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How to Reimagine your organization

Reimagine is a Brussels based company that supports organizations in their digital transformation by implementing personalized solutions that improve the customer experience and drive operational excellence.

Based on your business strategy and objectives we can identify the right opportunities coming from AI related innovations that will accelerate this transformation. With our innovative methodology, unique services and state-of-the-art product we ensure a successful end-to-end delivery.

Our team of seasoned professionals has extensive Business and IT experience in digital transformation programs and can provide unbiased advice as we are 100% independent & tool/vendor agnostic. This allows us to position ourselves as a catalyst of AI that can select the best-in-market solution(s) for your specific challenges and opportunities.

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Our Services

How to accelerate your digital transformation with AI?

In order to start accelerating your digital transformation with AI, Reimagine has created the AI Suite.

The Reimagine AI Suite is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform that can support your organization in assessing the feasibility to implement different AI Use Cases.

Our powerful scoring algorithms will provide you a feasibility scoring for the below 5 parameters. A final report then provides objective and unbiased insights & recommendations for each parameter:

– Business Value
– Complexity
– Suitability
– Readiness
– Risk

This report and the comparison between different assessments allow you to prioritize both the different Use Cases and the Processes which you want to tackle within the Use Case.

Typical Use Cases that your peers are working on are:
– Chatbots
– Automatic e-mail / Document categorization
– Automatic data extraction from your documents (e.g. invoices, contracts,…)
– Intelligent Semantic Search (comparable to a Google search engine for your internal organization)
– Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Please get in touch to discover how this can be used as the basis for an effective and value adding Roadmap.

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Our Values

Client centricity

We want to deliver high value services to clients enabling them to significantly improve their business efficiency


We want to be faithful to our commitments and obligations in whatever the situation


We want to ethically exercise our work


We want to attract talents who are eager to learn on a continuous basis as to reach the excellence in our delivered services


We want to exploit the strenghts of all partners as believe in the power of the network and collaborative approach


We want to act with fairness and sincerity and take reponsibility of our actions to place trusted relationship at the center of our network

The Team

Baudouin Thomas

Baudouin has extensive experience in complex digital transformation programs. He has been succesfully leading the Financial Services department at Accenture Belux (Turnover 110 M$, more than 500 FS consultants). In this role, he has initiated several AI transformations at C-level at various clients in Belux. He has been leading the Offering development of Distribution & Marketing globally at Accenture in FS. He is also Board member of large incubator in Belgium.

Denis Berckmans

Denis is a senior expert in complex corporate transformations with a focus upon digital challenges in the services sector. He has an in-depth expertise in project delivery including Artificial Intelligence for various size of businesses ranging from local start-ups to international groups. Denis is a Solvay Business School business engineer, BAFA Certified Financial Analyst with a special master in Taxation. Denis holds a certification in the Artificial Intelligence for Business Strategy and Blockchain from MIT USA.

Toon Lybaert

Toon has been shaping and delivering different Innovative AI related projects at several major Belgian organizations. He has been working on NLP, Deep Learning, Chatbot, OCR/ICR projects ranging from discovery, delivery, architecture design to target operating model set up. Toon holds a bachelor in Business Management and a master in Finance & Risk Management.

Cédric Vigneron

Cédric has extensive experience in advising senior people on their digital transformation and in shaping and delivering projects, more specifically within the Artificial Intelligence / Chatbots / RPA areas. He has 8+ years of expertise as a senior project manager on large and medium-sized business and IT transformations (operating model, processes, people, tools) for financial institutions, from strategy to implementation. Cédric is graduated in business engineering from the Louvain School of Management and holds a master in Finance.

Grégoire Honhon

Grégoire is the Reimagine Technical Expert (Front & Backend). He has hands-on and in-depth experience in Microservices, DevOps and Artificial Intelligence.  He is passionate about programming and worked on multiple large digital transformation programs for various organizations. Grégoire is graduated in Business Computing.

Xavier Denis

Xavier has in-depth experience as a Project Manager and Functional Analyst for multiple Digital and AI related transformation programs.
His main expertise lies in the detailed analysis of complex and business critical processes.
On top of this he has also guided large international organizations with shaping their Digital and AI strategy: going from strategy analysis to use case definition, technology/vendor selection, business case creation and end-to-end deployment of finished products.

Ferre Jacobs

Ferre is an AI engineer with experience in different NLP related projects. He has experience in data cleaning, language modelling, topic modelling and text classification (leveraging his knowledge of relevant Python libraries and various machine learning techniques – including deep learning). Ferre holds a Master in Artificial Intelligence (Speech and Language Technology).

Wout Vandeberg

Wout has a background on both the business and technical side as he holds masters in both Artificial Intelligence (speech and language technology) and in business and information systems engineering from the KU Leuven. He has experience in sentiment classification projects and in data processing and cleaning.

Master of Artificial Intelligence

Reimagine is collaborating with the Master of Artificial Intelligence at KULeuven by offering internships to last year students.

Wai Wong

Wai is a data scientist with experience in different predictive analytics projects. He has experience in pre-processing data, statistical modelling and training machine learning models (leveraging R, Python and MATLAB).  He holds masters in both Artificial Intelligence (Engineering and Computer Science) and Statistics from the KU Leuven. He is now a last year student in the Master of Information Management at KU Leuven and will be a Reimagine intern during academic year 2019 – 2020.